Comments from our Visitors' Book


"In all the years we have been coming to the Dales this is the best property we haved stayed in. Thank you again !"

"We have been several times to the Dales and this is the best cottage we have stayed in"

"Thanks you for the use of your beautiful cottage, an absolute delight to stay here as is Reeth"

"Reeth and its people is what hospitality in Yorkshire is all about"

"We have been coming to Reeth for many years. Bellegreen is by far the best"

"Splendid weather, excellent cottage and the best scenery in the UK - not a bad way to relax for a week"

"If you need it, it's here, if its not here you won't need it. Applicable to both cottage and Reeth"

"WELL !?! we were determined to find something Bellegreen didn't have and we thought we were going to have a LONG list. But as the week went on we discovered more and more things and our list became shorter and shorter (and believe me we had some weird things on our list!). Eventually we are left with a list of one. We couldn't find an egg poacher ! (but I bet there is one, probably in a choice of colours!)"


Comments by Year


All the comments (completely unexpurgated) from our previous visitors are available.

The scanned images were difficult to read so they are accompanied by typed versions which only differ in some wild extremes of spelling. (eventually gave up on the scanning)