Bellegreen Visitors' Comments 2000


Winter 2000

Happy New Year!! Happy New Millenium !! What a fantastic house, village and landscape ! Great time had by all. I certainly recommend the "Black Bull". Apologies for any stray champagne corks.

Lovely cottage, would have very much liked to stay longer. Very cold + windy + wet, but roaring fire !! Great drink in the "Black Bull". Highly recommended, both house & village. Will be back ! Lovely Italian Restaurant in Leyburn, Gioviannis ! - fantastic (01909 622951).

Pretty cottage, comfy sofas, chairs and beds ! Recommend the "Black Bull", it must be excellent because adults went there almost every night. Village and Cottage all very original and lovely open fire. Everyone had a good time with each other and enjoyed themself.



This was our first family holiday and what a success it has been, we've had a super time. Not knowing what our accommodation would be like, we arrived here to find this beautiful cottage, it was wonderful to see and what a pleasure to stay here, you've done it out beautiful and thought of everything even videos for the children etc. I could go on & on. Reeth is lovely and the views, we don't want to go home and would love to come again, thank you. (second writer) All of the above, but would like to add good pubs and pleased to see local celebreties - Curly Watts ? Great time, we will come again.

I think it was a beautiful place. I went to see the donkeys and sheep. Thank you for cleaning it all up Sam. And for all the helping in Bell Green, again I think it was beautiful. Everyone enjoyed it. (second writer) I loved the lambs and the donkeys.



Spring 2000

Had a brilliant week weather was 'awesome'. Plenty of fresh air for the 5 kids. Lovely house. Hopefully see you again. Thanks !
Had a good time despite the weather - a wonderful but wet week ! Beautiful scenery, gorgeous house. The King's Arms is good for drinking and has nice food too, although it can get a bit packed. It can be a bit noisy at night - bathrooms especially. Would love to come again.
Fantastic cottage! Lovely walks. Highly reommend the "King's Arms" - the kidneys tasted like heaven and went well with the wine which was the finest available to mankind. (maybe not quite that good - but the rest of the menu is). The guinea pig village at the 'Otter Sanctuary' (just outside Bowes on the A6) was really something to be marvelled at - especially when they all went in the house. Tea rooms at Muker were very pleasant - try the curd tart with rum for a nice treat. The cottage is excellent and had everything we needed except maybe a saucepan and a potato peeler. (they are there - owner)


Summer 2000

Excellent accommodation but please get some more pans ! (milkpan + frying pan?). I can cook a good cheese sauce in a wok !! *sorry ! - in drawer underneath oven, just found them. If you have small children, they will love Hazel Brow Farm which is only 3 miles away. Its v well organised - lots of fun. For slightly older children + adults (!) try The Forbidden Corner - a 'maze' ing ! The tea room at Muker is well worth a visit - the cream tea is v. good. Good walks include the one from Gunnerside - up the Gill past the old mine buildings. A great time was had by all - thank you.

We enjoyed our stay in your house (although we were rarely in it - there is so much to do around here !). The house itself is lovely, and the area has some nice walks. I recommend Aysgarth Falls (the setting of the river crosiing scene in 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves') and also Hardraw Force (the entrance to the latter is through the Green Dragon pub), also the setting for two programmes this time on CBBC. We can't rememebr the programme's name, but it was about ghosts and a fire in a church (continued ...)



(...continued) While here, we were lucky enough to see Reeth Show. The sheep judging was sweet - especially the sheep with long curly horns ! In case you can't find one, Leyburn has two banks HSBC and Barclays. We had a lot of trouble finding banks ! Hawes also has some banks. One last thing, the "Where's Wally" jigsaw puzzle has one piece missing (Wally's feet). Thank you for a lovely stay.

I agree, this is a wonderful house and has more equipment than we have at home; I m convinced I need both a tumble drier and a dishwasher. The weather has been dramatic - we have just driven through a major storm (well by East Anglian standards) and the river is rising. I would love to see this area in winter and covered with snow. Maybe another time. Many thanks.



Autumn 2000

Lovely, relaxing holiday - perfect cottage, very comfortable and everything we needed. We can recommend the Copper Kettle for a good meal. If you happen to be looking for Shades of Heather (rug maker) she is still trading in the village at a different location 'The Garden Rug Studio, Greencraft, Reeth - across the road and left at the side of the Burgoyne Hotel. Thank you so much !

Didn't think we would get here with the petrol shortages but we did and what a great holiday. The cottage is brilliant, Rosie would kill for a kitchen like this back home. The Kings Arms is great for beer and food. Excellent place for a holiday and very friemdly locals. We'll be back!

House is great, well equiped and comfortable. Also great position in relation to the pubs. Able to stagger back once or twice. The walk books came in very useful. Will certainly be back. Thank you.



Winter 2000

Excellent house, excellent holiday and weather quite good. Good walks and wine, week went too quickly.

Have had an excellent week. It was great to find a tree, crackers and Christmas decorations for us - thank you! The cottage is very comfortable, the walking, cycling & running very pretty and the beer was also spot on.

Lovely Christmas in a great cottage. Very handy having a dishwasher & a great open fire and snow ordered for Xmas. Good pubs and great carol singing around the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve. Shower downstairs blasts away your hangover, one upstairs just confirms you should have stayed in bed! A great Christmas break, relaxing in a pretty part of England, excellent cottage - a high standard set for future holidays.



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